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20th May 2019

Markets Tumble As China Strikes Back, May Dump “Some Treasuries”

After vowing over the weekend to "never surrender to external pressure"  Beijing has defied President Trump's demands that it not resort to retaliatory tariffs and announced plans to slap new levies on $60 billion in US goods. CHINA SAYS TO RAISE TARIFFS ON SOME U.S. GOODS FROM JUNE 1 CHINA SAYS TO RAISE TARIFFS ON $60B OF U.S. GOODS CHINA SAYS TO RAISE TARIFFS ON 2493 U.S. GOODS TO 25% CHINA MAY STOP PURCHASING US AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS: GLOBAL TIMES CHINA MAY REDUCE BOEING ORDERS: GLOBAL...

Everything Bubble with Mike Maloney: are there going to be crashing bonds, real estate, stocks, and a fiat currency dive all at once?

Some people are calling it the ‘everything bubble’ - are there going to be crashing bonds, real estate, stocks, and a fiat currency dive all at once? Mike Maloney is a monetary historian lover of all humans and founder of has released a 10 part series of his excellent Hidden Secrets Of Money video series. Mike has shown that over thousands of years the government's intervention has always been mismanaged. The current system we are using all over the world shows that all currency...

The Cashflow Quadrant

There are Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW 4 financial quadrants where we can take steps our lives, our pension and our financial row depend a propos them. These quadrants are: • "E" of Employee • "A" of Self-employed • Owner's "D" • "I" of Investor It is important to know that each quadrant not on your own has its type of allowance, but as well as favorable important laws. To be financially set wandering it is important to outfit the quadrants going regarding the subject of for the right and not as...

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A debt crisis is brewing, S&P warns, but don’t expect a 2008 rerun

13 Mar 2019

What could impact the Gold Price in the near term?

A number of potential factors could impact the gold price in the near term.

Equity Performance: Gold would be attractive if stocks weaken. The beginning stages of a bear market would further push an increasing number of investors into the gold market. Continued strength in equities would likely leave the gold flat.

Market Volatility: Investors looking for stability would likely turn to gold on any spike in the VIX. Markets have arguably been less predictable of late.

Interest Rates: Our 2018 year-end report speculated that long-term bonds signaled the Fed was likely done raising short-term rates – and sure enough they paused. A rate reversal would serve as a strong catalyst for gold since the cost of holding it would diminish.

Central Bank Buying: We also reported that central banks could continue to stock up on gold. Turns out they bought more gold in Q4 than since Nixon was president. Central bank gold purchases have remained a steady source of demand.

Brexit Struggles: Headlines continue to report on the conflicts with the UK leaving the EU. The British government arguably remains in crisis, as the departure date looms without a plan in place. The process and solutions remain messy, and gold would likely hedge a negative market reaction to any no-confidence vote.

Recession Watch: The yield curve teases going flat, and an inversion would serve as a potential signal of a recession. Gold is typically sought as a safe haven during periods of negative economic growth and is flat or weak in when the economy is growing.

US Dollar: The dollar shows signs of wanting to roll over, and any weakness would be positive for the gold price. Strength would leave the gold flat. The US dollar and gold tend to react inversely.

Geopolitical: Trade talks continue to make headlines, and the Trump White House remains unpredictable. Markets react fondly to President Trump’s certainties like tax cuts, and unfavorable to his surprises.

Debt event: While the Treasury has enough cash on hand to operate the government until sometime in the fall, debt issues garner increasing attention in the headlines, both domestic and abroad. Any unexpected surprises here could ignite gold.


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