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Dear Busy People

If you have accumulated massive debt and are looking for a way out, are the banks, credit card companies or just anyone you owe money to calling you harassing you making you feel like there Is no way out, have you looked into debt consolidation and that’s not for you, you know you can do this on own you just need to find the way. Well, I’m here to tell you there is always another way, no debt consolidating and how to get those people off your back, by learning how to manage your life, money and your debt.

In the last moment of my mining career, I was in a bad accident while working with explosives underground, co-worker and my self got thrown out of a cherry picker from 2.5 -3 m in the air. This accident put out of full-time work for 18mths. I had $170,000 in BAD debt and I wanted to change that so I did!

In 2yrs I went from hundred and 170,000 dollars in bad debt to $50,000 investment portfolio with no debt consolidation just share a determination to fix my problem and to understand where I went wrong.

A few friends of mine told me I should start teaching this so I did and I started my new business idea. Teaching people how to get out of bad debt and learn the difference between good debt and debt.

My first Big challenge was to call the tax department and find out how much money I owed them and it wasn’t good it was 45,000k at the timeI thought it was about 12k so you can imagine the look on my face a the other end of the phone. It’s was game on let’s do this.

– Brett Slater

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